The Environmental Hydraulics Institute of Universidad de Cantabria is offering, through the COIE service, a full-time position for a post-doctoral researcher. If you wish to work withstochastic models to reproduce the spatio-temporal structure of rainfall forhydrological applications, this call is of your interest.
The daily work location is at the Environmental Hydraulics Institute headquarters in Santander, Spain.

Objective and tasks


The selected candidate will develop research tasks aimed at the creation, extension and modification of existing scientific theories, to improve our understanding about the best ways to stochastically model rainfall for hydrological applications.

• Analysis of the spatio-temporal structure of rainfall in watersheds, with stochastic models and machine learning tools.
• Statistical analysis of hydroclimatic variables making use of advanced statistical techniques.
• Synthetic generation of hydroclimatic time series. 
• Development of tools for the application, in technological transfer projects, of the generated knowledge.
• Collaboration in developing hydrological modeling projects. 

Application submission
Candidates must submit their applications to COIE’s web page ( untilNovember, 20 23:59 (Spanish time) including the following documentation:
a) Filled application form
b) Photocopy of the National Identification Document, Passport or equivalent document
c) Photocopy of the Degree, Master and PhD certificate.
d) Photocopy of all the merits claimed.

Candidates requirements
Candidates should at least fulfill the following requirements:
a) Candidates must have Spanish/European Union nationality. Applicants can also present their application with a different nationality from the one mentioned above providing the appropriate residence permit.
b) Candidates must prove the qualification required in this call.
c) Candidates must posses an Official PhD certificate.
d) Candidates must posses a B2 certificate, or equivalent, in English.

The preferable starting date for the position is December 2018, with an initial contract until December 29, 2019 (end of the year cycle), with expected extensions up to 2 years. However, in order to allow late incorporation, the initial contract has been published for a duration of 8 months.

The monthly salary will be of €2.125 gross, or €25.000 gross annually. As the initial contract lasts 8 months, the total salary is the proportional part (€17.000 gross).

Assessment of merits
After the deadline for submitting applications, the Admission Committee will proceed to the assessment of the merits according to the documentation provided. Requiring an interview with all or some candidates is possible.
For more information about evaluation criteria check the offer web page (

If you require any further clarification, please do not hesitate to contact:
Manuel del Jesus E-mail : manuel DOT deljesus AT unicanDOT es, where DOT means . and AT means @