IAHR Members
  • 4,943 Total Members
  • 4,768 Individual Members
  • 124 Institute Members
  • 51 YPN Members
Individual Membership Fees

 2017 Fees  High Income Country  Low Income Country
 Base Member 1 Year  90 €  45 €
 Base Member 3 Year  256 €  128 €
 Senior Member 1 Year  45 €  22 €
 Senior Member 3 Year  128 €  63 €
 Young Professionals 1 Year  45 €  22 €
 Young Professionals 3 Year  128 €  63 €
 Lifetime Member  270 €  135 €

  • Senior Member : Older than 65 years or retired people younger than 65 years
  • Young Professionals : Younger than  30 Years
  • Lifetime Members : Available to Members who are over  60 years and have been members of IAHR for at least 30 years

 ​        Check here to see whether your country is included in the High or Low income bracket

IAHR Individual Membership

Individual Membership Benefits

Subscription to the Journal of Hydraulic Research  on-line version (six issues per year)
Subscription to the Journal of Applied Water Engineering and Research  on-line version (two issues per year)
Subscription to Journal of Ecohydraulics Research
Subscription to printed Hydrolink  magazine* (four issues per year)
Subscription to one of the following Taylor & Francis Journals (on-line version): International Journal of Water Resources Development, Civil Engineering and Environmental Systems, International Journal of Computational Fluid Dynamics, Urban Water Journal or Environmental Technology.
Subscription to electronic newsletter NewsFlash World  Newsflash Europe  Newsflash Iberoamérica  (twelve issues per year)
Special rate for the following Journals: printed version of the Journal of Hydraulic Research, International Journal of River Basin Management, Journal of Hydro-Environment Research, Urban Water Journal, Journal of Hydroinfomatics and Journal of Sediment Research .
IAHR Membership Platform with access to proceedings, papers, online committees, directories, and more.
Discounts in all books, monographs and proceedings  published by IAHR and Taylor and Francis Reduced rates at IAHR (co-sponsored) conferences and symposia

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