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IAHR welcomes its newest Institute/Company Members:

Institute/Company Membership Benefits



  • Free Banner Ad in the IAHR website (top right corner, dimensions 342 x 52) and inclusion of news items in homepage news
  • Free Banner Ad in ebulletin Newsflash  (dimensions 395 x 60) and inclusion of news items in Newsflash
  • Technical Article in Hydrolink
  • Inclusion of company products and services in IAHR Suppliers directory
  • Discount on adverts in Hydrolink

Membership Platform, Participation in Congresses and Technical Committees

  • Access to the Members Platform (including e-library  of congress proceedings, IAHR Members Directory, Suppliers directory, grants..)
  • Discounts in conference  registration for all your staff
  • In addition to these tangible benefits, membership of IAHR brings your organisation within the worldwide community of water engineers and researchers. All staff members will be welcome to take part actively in the various working groups and committees  of the association.

Institutional Members and Young Professionals

  • Institute Members can name upto 10 Institutional Members and 10 Young Professionals receiving all membership benefits (including journals, participaction in techical committees and/or Young Professionals networks, membership profile...) for free

Institute/Company Membership Fees

*IAHR Membership is available on a two-tier fee structure with fees considerably lower for members from Lower income countries. Countries are classified on the World Bank Classification Index. Low and Middle income countries are classified as IAHR as "lower" fee rate. Click here to see whether your country is included in the High or Low income bracket

 2018 fees  Low Income Countries*  High Income Countries*
 Institute Light  200 €  350 €
 Institute Small < 450 employees  350 €  700 €
 Institute Large > 450 employees  625 €  1250 €

How to apply

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If you have any queries please contact Elsa Incio at elsa.incio@iahr.org