27th IAHR World Congress, San Francisco, USA, 1997
27th IAHR World Congress, San Francisco, USA, 1997
Proceedings of the 27 IAHR World Congress "Water for a Changing Global Community" held in San Francisco, CA, USA, 10-15 August 1997, 6 volumes,

The XXVIIth Congress of the IAHR was held at the Hyatt Regency Embarcadero Hotel in San Francisco, California August 10-15, 1997. The Congress was hosted by ASCE Water Resources Engineering Division. The overall theme of the Congress, “Water for a Changing Global Community”, was developed in four sub-themes encompassing broad aspects of hydraulics and water-resources research and engineering applications.

Theme A: Managing Water: Coping with Scarcity and Abundance

Theme B: Environmental and Coastal Hydraulics: Protecting the Aquatic Habitat

Theme C: Groundwater: An Endangered Resource

Theme D: Energy and Water: Sustainable Development

These Themes were complemented by the following Specialty Seminars:

Multidirectional Waves and their Interaction with Structures, Modeling of Turbulent Flows, Wind Energy and Windflow around Structures, Continuing Education and Training, Management of Hydraulic Research and Hydroinformatics for Control, Management and Risk Assessment. The Congress also included the John F. Kennedy Student Paper Competition.

Over 600 papers were presented in 130 sessions during the five days of the Congress. The papers of each Theme and its keynote lecture are grouped in individual volumes of these Proceedings, with Theme B occupying two volumes. The sixth volume is devoted to the papers of the John F. Kennedy Student Paper Competition, as well as brief summaries of the six Specialty Seminars which occupied 18 sessions.