Data collection on EU-founded Research Projects - Survey

EU-founded Projects are an important issue and deserve strong attention by the European Regional Division of IAHR.

As discussed during the last ERD-LT meetings, a database was set up, in order to ascertain the IAHR members that are involved within EU sponsored research projects.

For this purpose a specific questionnaire was prepared and circulated through the IAHR website. Begin Survey

The information collected aims:

     to help to find reference partners for new proposals for EU programmes.
to suggest eventually new topics for future EU calls.

                                                                                      31 Projects  

It is strongly hoped that cooperation within the ERD-IAHR will improve in developing common projects.

Funding programme:

EU Atlantic Arc2
Horizon 2020
INTERREG Atlantic Arc

Involved IAHR topics:

Coastal and Maritime Hydraulics
Education and Professional Development (EPD)
Experimental Methods and Instrumentation
Fluid Mechanics
Fluvial Hydraulics
Global Water Issues
Groundwater Hydraulics and Management
Hydraulic Machinery and Systems
Hydraulic Structures
Ice Research and Engineering
Professional Development Division (IPD)
Urban Drainage
Water Resources Management