IAHR 8-Italy Young Professional Network

A Young Professional Network for graduate students, young faculty members from universities and young professional engineers in local firms and organizations interested in sharing knowledge and experiences in the field of hydro-environment engineering and research in Italy


  • Most of the members of IAHR 8-Italy YPN met at the Italian Congress of Hydraulics in Bologna on September 2016. This is the occasion for discussions and organization of next activities.

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  • From 2016, the IAHR 5-Italy Young Professional Network has been developed into IAHR 8-Italy Young Professional Network
  • From 2015, the IAHR 4-Italy Student Chapter has been developed into IAHR 5-Italy Young Professional Network Relative news report
Latest Activities

YPN 8-Italy Report 2016
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Elena Nucci
University of Trento


Vice President

Luca Milanesi
Luca Milanesi
University of Brescia


Giulio Calvani
University of Florence


Giuseppe Pisaturo

Giuseppe Pisaturo
University of Trento


Maurizio Righetti

Prof. Maurizio Righetti
University of Trento

Directory of Young Professionals

 Name  Organisation  City  Country
 Addona, Fabio  University of Parma  Parma  Italy
 Amadori, Marina  University of Trento  Trento  Italy
 Bahmanpouri, Farhad  University of Napoli Federico II  Napoli  Italy
 Berteni, Francesca  University of Brescia  Brescia  Italy
 Calvani, Giulio  University of Florence  Florence  Italy
 Carbonari, Costanza  University of Florence  Florence  Italy
 Cozzi, Chiara  University of Parma  Parma  Italy
 Crispino, Gaetano  University of Campania "Luigi Vanvitelli"  Capua  Italy
 Daniello, Andrea  University of Naples  Napoli  Italy
 Dazzi, Susanna  University of Parma  Parma  Italy
 Di Marco, Nicola  Free University of Bolzen  Bolzen  Italy
 Di Micco, Luigi  University of Padova  Padova  Italy
 Ferrari, Alessia  University of Parma  Parma  Italy
 Garbin, Silvia  University of Padova  Padova  Italy
 Isola, Matteo  University of Florence  Florence  Italy
 L√≥pez Moreira Mazacotte, Gregorio  University of Trento  Trento  Italy
 Lopez, Sergio  University of Padova  Padova  Italy
 Martone, Ivo  University of Naples  Napoli  Italy
 Menapace, Andrea  Free University of Bolzen  Bolzen  Italy
 Michailidi, Eleni  University of Brescia  Brescia  Italy
 Miiussi, Arianna  University of Padova  Padova  Italy
 Milanesi, Luca  University of Brescia  Brescia  Italy
 Molini, Paolo  University of Parma  Parma  Italy
 Negrinelli, Giacomo  Studio Frosio S.r.l.  Brescia  Italy
 Negrinelli, Giulia  University of Padova  Padova  Italy
 Nucci, Elena  University of Trento  Trento  Italy
 Peli, Marco  University of Brescia  Brescia  Italy
 Peruzzi, Cosimo  Polytechnic University of Turin  Turin  Italy
 Petrolo, Diana  University of Parma  Parma  Italy
 Pezzotti, Dario  University of Brescia  Brescia  Italy
 Pisaturo, Giuseppe Roberto  University of Trento  Trento  Italy
 Prost, Federico  University of Parma  Parma  Italy
 Pugliese, Francesco  University of Naples  Napoli  Italy
 Quaranta, Emanuele  Polytechnic University of Turin  Turin  Italy
 Rossi, Giulia  university of Trento  Trento  Italy
 Sgarabotto, Alessandro  University of Padova  Padova  Italy
 Valerio, Giulia  University of Brescia  Brescia  Italy
 Viani, Alessandra  University of Brescia  Brescia  Italy
 Zorzi, Nadia  University of Trento  Trento  Italy
 Zugliani, Daniel  University of Trento  Trento  Italy