National Membership


IAHR has partnering agreements with the following associations:

Members of these associations can become IAHR members at 50% discount of the normal fee.

 National Membership Benefits

  • Subscription to the Journal of Hydraulic Research on-line version (six issues per year)
  • Subscription to the Journal of Applied Water Engineering and Research on-line version (two issues per year)
  • Subscription to Hydrolink magazine on-line version (four issues per year)
  • Subscription to one of the following Taylor and Francis Journals (on-line version): International Journal of Water Resources Development, Civil Engineering and
  • Environmental Systems, International Journal of Computational Fluid Dynamics, Urban Water Journal or Environmental Technology.
  • Subscription to electronic newsletter NewsFlash World, Newsflash Europe, Newsflash Iberoamérica (twelve issues per year)
  • Special rate for the following Journals: printed version of the Journal of Hydraulic Research, International Journal of River Basin Management Journal of Hydro
  • Environment Research, Urban Water Journal, Journal of Hydroinfomatics and Journal of Sediment Research.
  • IAHR Membership Platform with access to proceedings, papers, online committees, directories, and more.
  • Discounts in all books, monographs and proceedings published by IAHR and Taylor and Francis
  • Reduced rates at IAHR (co-sponsored) conferences and symposia

In addition to these tangible benefits, membership of IAHR brings you within the worldwide community of water engineers and researchers. You will be welcome to take part actively in the various working groups and committees of the association.

National Membership Fees

2019 fees  Normal fee  50% discount
 National Members India,  Costa Rica and Bolivia* 45 €  22 €
 National Members Chile and Spain*  90 €  45 €

*IAHR Membership is available on a two-tier fee structure with fees considerably lower for members from Lower income countries. Countries are classified on the World Bank Classification Index. Low and Middle income countries are classified as IAHR as "lower" fee rate. Check here to see whether your country is included in the High or Low income bracket

If you wish to become National Member of IAHR please contact as follows:
  • Members of Indian Society of Hydraulics contact
  • Members Indian Institute of Technology Madras contact
  • Members of Sociedad Chilena de Ingeniería Hidráulica contact
  • Members of Asociación Boloviana de Recursos Hídricos contact or
  • Members of Colegio de Ingenieros Civiles de Costa Rica contact
  • Members of Colegio de Ingenieros de Caminos, Canales y Puertos contact
If you would like to establish a National Agreement for your country please contact Elsa Incio at

Downoad a Generic IAHR-National Association Agreement