Jobs - Admissions and Scholarships to study Water Engineering and Management(WEM) Program of the Asian Institute of Technology (AIT)

Water Engineering and Management (WEM) is one of the core programs of Civil and Infrastructure Engineering under the School of Engineering and Technology (SET). Water Engineering and Management program imparts education, research, and training towards an understanding of the complexity of water cycle, utilization, and management. It offers a balanced curriculum covering both engineering and management aspects of water resources. Students acquire knowledge and hands-on practice in tools and techniques to come up with viable and sustainable water management for water, food, energy, and environmental security. Students conduct research on country-specific water-related problems, and have opportunities to join research and internship programs with industries and partners.

WEM program covers five focal areas: Agricultural Water, Coastal Water, Urban Water, Water Resources, and Extreme Events & Risk Management. The curriculum is designed in such a way that students can specialize according to their interests. Courses such as Watershed Hydrology, Hydrodynamics, Water Resources Systems, and Concepts in Water Modeling provide the solid foundation to the advanced courses. The curriculum emphasizes tools and techniques in water resources planning and management.

WEM program composed of faculty members, laboratory supervisors and researchers from various regions:

·       Prof. Ashim Das Gupta (Emeritus Professor)
·       Prof. Tawatchai Tingsanchali (Emeritus Professor)
·       Prof. Mukand S. Babel (Professor)
·       Dr. Sangam Shrestha (Associate Professor)
·       Dr. Mohana Sundaram (Assistant Professor)
·       Dr. Sutat Weesakul (Adjunct Faculty)
·       Dr. M. E. Asadi (Visiting Faculty)
·       Mr. Arturo Roa (Senior Lab Supervisor)

In addition to the academic programs, WEM conducts several research projects, training and outreach activities on climate change impact and adaptation assessment on hydrology and water resources, irrigation management, flood risk assessment and management, groundwater development and management etc. Please visit the following websites to know more about selected projects under WEM: [Connecting climate change, hydrology, and fisheries for energy and food security in Lower Mekong Basin] [Adapting groundwater of Asian cities to climate change: bridging the science and policy interface] [Developing an operational framework for river health assessment in the Mekong River Basin]

Please visit  to know more about WEM and visit the following website to learn about the admission process: Also follow Facebook page for the frequent updates about WEM’s activities:

Several scholarships are available on a competitive basis. The list of scholarships available can be accessed via:  . The following is the list of scholarships or fellowships (institute or school or program-wide) available:

·       HM King's Scholarships
·       GMSARN Scholarships
·       ADB-JSP Scholarships
·       Thai Pipe Scholarships
·       Kurita Scholarships
·       President Robert B. Banks Scholarships
·       Joint Japan/World Bank Graduate Scholarships
·       PR China Scholarships for Chinese Students
·       RTG Scholarships/Fellowships

The deadline of applications to be considered for the scholarship for August 2019 intake is: 31 March, 2019.

With this email, I would like to request you to circulate this announcement to your colleagues, staffs or interested individuals to study Masters or PhD in Water Engineering and Management (WEM) program.

Please write to if you have any queries regarding the admissions, scholarships, and fellowships. Please find the attached brochure of WEM.