Honorary Membership

The most prestigious honour conferred by the IAHR Council is Honorary Membership. This award is bestowed on up to three distinguished IAHR Members and/or individuals and institutions from outside the IAHR community at the biennial IAHR world congress. According to article 13 of the IAHR guidelines Council is responsible for selecting Honorary Members. If you wish to make a recommendation please contact the Secretariat or any Council Member.

Honorary Members
Honorary Members
Full NameCountryElection YearMore Information
Dr. Angelos N. FindikakisUnited States of America2019Interview10506
Prof. Young C. KimUnited States of America2019Interview10878
Prof. Em. Arthur MynettNetherlands2019Interview11241
Prof. Zhaoyin WangChina2017Interview11920
Prof. Roger FalconerUnited Kingdom2017 10489
Prof. Jörg ImbergerUnited States of America2017Interview10751
Prof. Joseph Hun-Wei LeeHong Kong, China2015 10989
Prof. Jean-Paul ChabardFrance2015 10270
Dr. Mariano Navas GutiérrezSpain2015 20931
Prof. Dr. Wolfgang RodiGermany2013Interview11502
Prof. Em. Nobuyuki TamaiJapan2013Interview11753
Prof. Dr. Willi H. HagerSwitzerland2013Interview10634
Prof. Dr. Ramón Fuentes AguilarChile2011Interview10535
Prof. Giampaolo Di SilvioItaly2011Interview10418
Prof. Pierre-Louis ViolletFrance2011Interview11886
Dr. Etienne MansardCanada2009 11085
Prof. Cristóbal Mateos IguacelSpain2009 11113
Prof. K.G. Ranga RajuIndia2009 11460
Prof. Guifen LiChina2007 11011
Prof. Em. Helmut KobusGermany2005 10908
Prof. Felipe MartínezSpain2005 11104
Dr. Henk Jan OverbeekNetherlands2003 11347
Prof. Akira WadaJapan2003 11903
Dr. Jean A. CungeFrance2003 10366
Prof. Em. Michael B. AbbottBelgium1999 10004
Prof. Peter LarsenSweden1995 10966
Prof. Lev A. ZolotovRussian Federation1991 12062
Dr. Sorin DumitrescuFrance1991 20817
Dr. Stevan BrukSerbia1987 10221
Dr. Michel HugFrance1985 10730
Mr. P. AckersUnited Kingdom1983 10017