Energy Dissipation in Hydraulic Structures
Energy Dissipation in Hydraulic Structures
Edited by Hubert Chanson

CRC Press - 2015 - 168 pages

1. Introduction: Energy dissipators in hydraulic structures

H. Chanson

2. Energy dissipation at block ramps

S. Pagliara and M. Palermo

3. Stepped spillways and cascades

H. Chanson, D.B. Bung and J. Matos

4. Hydraulic jumps and stilling basins

H. Chanson and R. Carvalho

5. Ski jumps, jets and plunge pools

M. Pfister and A.J. Schleiss

6. Impact dissipators

B.P. Tullis and R.D. Bradshaw

7. Energy dissipation: Concluding remarks

H. Chanson

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