9th Int Symposium on Stochastic Hydraulics, Nijmegen, 2005
9th Int Symposium on Stochastic Hydraulics, Nijmegen, 2005
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The International Symposium on Stochastic Hydraulics has become a regular and respected event in the technical conference calendar for engineers and scientists working in all areas of hydraulics. In keeping with the traditions establish at the first eight symposia, the objectives of this 9th symposium are to provide a forum for exchange of the latest developments in the application of stochastic analysis to river hydraulics, sediment transport, catchment hydraulics, groundwater, waves and coastal processes, hydraulic network and structures, hydrology, risk and reliability in hydraulic design and water resources in general.

The focus of the symposium has particular relevance to a world in which water resource suppliers are increasingly nearing full exploitation. Similarly, as the level of development has increased across the globe, the vulnerability of society to the impacts of extreme events has also increased. These two factors give rise to an increasingly critical need to understand and manage the stochastic processes, that underly the physical environment in which hydraulic infrastructure is constructed and operated.

The main theme of ISSH-2005 is “Decision in a changing environment”. The world is undergoing rapid but uncertain changes. Climate change and its influence on water system may be the most widely published but the growing world population, the changing economic relations, the fast urbanisations are of equal importance. The great challenge is to design and implement sustainable interventions in our environment. To be sustainable the natural, economic societal developments and the related uncertainties have to be taken into account. Here the scientific framework of stochastic methods and probabilistic design is of unequalled usefulness.
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