5th Int Symposium on Ocean Waves Measurement, Madrid, 2005
5th Int Symposium on Ocean Waves Measurement, Madrid, 2005
5th International Symposium on Ocean Waves Measurement and Analysis, WAVES 2005, 3rd-7th July 2005, Madrid, Spain (CD-ROM)

The Fifth International Symposium on Ocean Wave Measurement and Analysis WAVES 2005 offers a special opportunity for professionals, researchers, managers, and those with interest in coastal and ocean wave measurements and analysis to meet, exchange information, present views, and share case studies that will promote communication and technology transfer, improve design, wave climate statistics, theoretical hydrodynamics, and practical solutions to many coastal challenges.

The presentations at the Symposium will cover, among other topics, the integration of national and international networks for wave measurement, the latest data related to extreme and freak waves, wave action on structures and catastrophic damages generated by waves on the coast. State of the art and cutting-edge innovations • like SPH • on wave modelling as well as remote sensing of waves will be also presented.

216 presentations, along 4/5 parallel session, 20 posters are included in this CD-Rom.
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