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Proceedings of the 38th IAHR World Congress (Panama, 2019)

ID Title Authors Year
3328 Vertical Slot Fishway Simulated with PCFLOW2D and Dualsphysics V4.2 Models
Gorazd Novak, Dusan Zagar, Matjaz Cetina, Martin Bombac
3584 Model Tests and Study of the Bedload Sediment at the Outlet of the Jinsha River Cascade Hydropower Station
Anjun Deng, Qingchao Guo, Haihua Hu, Qin Lu
3840 Application and Discussion of China Water Resource Dispatch General Decision Support System in Manas River Basin
Zhiguo Gan
3329 Simulation of Hydraulic Structures in 2D High-Resolution Urban Flood Modeling
Yunsong Cui, Qiuhua Liang
3585 An Analysis of the Factors Affecting the Annual Average Sedimentation Loss Rates of Reservoirs
Jianguo Chen, Anjun Deng, Haihua Hu
3841 Accuracy Assessment and Hydrological Effect of GSMaP Precipitation Products in Xijiang River Basin
Yinmao Zhao, Weihong Liao, Xiaohui Lei
3330 CFD Modelling of Cavitation in Hollow Jet Dispersive Valves
Tulio C. Lourenco Xavier, Rafael S. Morassi, Jayme P. Ortiz
3586 The Application of One-Dimensional Non-Equilibrium Sediment Transport Model in Desilting Basin
Qin Lu, Qingchao Guo, Hongling Shi, Anjun Deng
3842 Identification of Source Information for Sudden Water Pollution Incidents in Rivers Based on Variable Fidelity Surrogate-Dream Optimization
Wei Wu
3331 Hydraulic Design of Gabions on Longitudinal Works with the Software Macra Studio
Paula Tayná De Lima

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