Honorary Membership Award

Founding Statement

The most prestigious honour conferred by the IAHR Council is Honorary Membership. This award is bestowed on up to three distinguished IAHR Members and/or individuals and institutions from outside the IAHR community at the biennial IAHR world congress. According to article 13 of the IAHR guidelines Council is responsible for selecting Honorary Members. If you wish to make a recommendation please contact the Secretariat or any Council Member.

List of previous winners

2021: Prof. Anton Schleiss, Switzerland
2021: Prof. Peter Davies, UK
2021: Dr. Teodoro Estrela, Spain

2019: Dr. Angelos N. Findikakis, USA, Interview
2019: Prof. Young C. Kim, USA, Interview
2019: Prof. Em. Arthur Mynett, The Netherlands, Interview

2017: Prof. Zhaoyin Wang, China, Interview
2017: Prof. Roger Falconer, UK
2017: Prof. Jörg Imberger, USA Interview

2015: Prof. Joseph Hun-Wei Lee, Hong Kong, China
2015: Prof. Jean-Paul Chabard, France
2015: Dr. Mariano Navas Gutiérrez, Spain

2013: Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Rodi, Germany, Interview
2013: Proft. Em. Nobuyuki Tamai, Japan, Interview
2013: Prof. Dr. Willi H. Hager, Switzerland, Interview

2011: Prof. Dr. Ramón Fuentes Aguilar, Chile, Interview
2011: Prof. Giampaolo Di Silvio, Italy, Interview
2011: Prof. Pierre-Louis Viollet, France, Interview

2009: Dr. Etienne Mansard, Canada
2009: Prof. Cristóbal Mateos Iguacel, Spain
2009: Prof. K.G. Ranga Raju, India

2007: Prof. Forrest Holly, USA
2007: Prof. Guifen Li, China

2005: Prof. Em. Helmut Kobus, Germany
2005: Prof. Felipe Martínez, Spain

2003: Dr. Henk Jan Overbeek, The Netherlands
2003: Prof. Akira Wada, Japan
2003: Dr. Jean A. Cunge, France

2001: Prof. Oleg Fedorovich Vasiliev, Russian Federation

1999: Prof. Torkild Carstens, Norway
1999: Prof. Em. Michael B. Abbott, Belgium

1997: Mr. Rex A. Elder, USA
1997: Mr. Bingnan Lin, China
1997: O. Starosolszky, Hungary

1995: Prof. Peter Larsen, Sweden
1995: J.E. Prins, The Netherlands
1995: Yen Kai, China

1993: Prof. Yoshiaki Iwasa, Japan
1993: Prof. Em. Erich J. Plate, Germany 

1991: Prof. Lev A. Zolotov, Russia
1991: Prof. Em. Eduard Naudascher, Germany
1991: Dr. Sorin Dumitrescu, France. Extraordinary member of distinction
1991: John S. McNown, Sweden

1989: Prof. Pavel Novak, United Kingdom
1989: John Fisher Kennedy, USA John F. Kennedy Award

1987: José Antonio Maza Álvarez, Mexico
1987: Dr. Stevan Bruk, Serbia

1985: Dr. Michel Hug, France
1985: Taizo Hayashi, Japan
1985: Hunter Rouse, USA

1983: Mr. P. Ackers, UK
1983: M.F. Skladnev, USSR

1981: Vujica Yevjevich, USA
1981: Masashi Hom-ma, Japan

1979: Janos L. Bogardi, Hungary
1979: Harold Jan Schoemaker, The Netherlands Harold Jan Schoemaker Award

1973: James Wallace Daily, USA

1970: Léopold Escande, France

1966: Arthur Thomas Ippen, USA Arthur Thomas Ippen Award

1960: Lorenz G. Straub, USA

1959: Johannes Th. Thijsse, The Netherlands

1958: G. de Marchi, Italy
1958: J.W. Egiazaroff, USSR

1951: Eugene Meyer-Peter, Switzerland

1949: Wolmar Knut Axel Fellenius, Sweden

1940: Prof. Dr. Ing. Hubert Engels, Germany

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