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The International Association for Hydro-Environment Engineering and Research (IAHR), founded in 1935, is a worldwide independent organisation of engineers and water specialists working in fields related to the hydro-environmental sciences and their practical application. Activities range from river and maritime hydraulics to water resources development and eco-hydraulics, through to ice engineering, hydro-informatics and continuing education and training. IAHR stimulates and promotes both research and it's application, and by so doing strives to contribute to sustainable development, the optimisation of world water resources management and industrial flow processes. IAHR accomplishes its goals by a wide variety of member activities including: working groups, research agenda, congresses, specialty conferences, workshops and short courses; Journals, Monographs and Proceedings; by involvement in international programmes such as UNESCO, WMO, IDNDR, GWP, ICSU, and by co-operation with other water-related (inter)national organisations.

IAHR publishes five international scientific journals from its headquarters in Madrid, Spain and Beijing,China in collaboration with Taylor and Francis and Elsevier – 

In addition the International Journal of Hydro-Environment Research (JHER) is published by the IAHR Asia Pacific Division in collaboration with the Korea Water Resources Association (KWRA) and Elsevier, and IAHR offers it s members discounts for several other journals including the Journal of HydroinformaticsJournal of Sediment Research and the Urban Water Journal.

IAHR publishes a quarterly magazine for its members called Hydrolink, and a series of monthly NewsFlash e-Newsletters for the international water community.


IAHR particularly promotes the advancement and exchange of knowledge through working groups, specialty symposia, congresses, and publications on water resources, river and coastal hydraulics, risk analysis, energy, environment, disaster prevention, industrial processes. Among the variety of activities which are undertaken to achieve our mission are:

  • organising events: congresses, specialty conferences, workshops and continuing education courses

  • technical meetings through our Committees

  • regional meetings through our Regional Divisions and National Chapters

  • European Engineering Graduate School Environment Water: IAHR-EGW, Stuttgart

  • participation in international programmes such as UNESCO, WMO and ICSU

  • promotion of student activities thorugh our Student Chapters

  • publications

  • advocacy for the role of science in developing solutions to global water issues

The objectives of applied research, scientific exchange, technology transfer and research management provide an umbrella for all IAHR endeavours. The scope of IAHR involves research, engineering applications, and their interactions and thus caters to the needs of both individual and institute members. Hydro-environment Engineering and Research covers only one part of the water domain and most applications, developments, policies, and public works must consider all aspects of that domain. IAHR provides an excellent basis for co-operation with other water-related associations, where common interests call for combined efforts in hydrology (IAHS), urban water (IWA), development of water resources (IWRA), coastal and maritime engineering (COPRI), etc. Specific developments which take place within the IAHR disciplinary field but have thematically larger implications and application areas (e.g., hydroinformatics) are stimulated by IAHR. Professionals from different disciplines will find a place in IAHR, and interactions with neighbouring disciplines possibly covered by other associations are stimulated and can find proper attention. IAHR is a member of the International Council of Scientific Unions and other important global bodies.

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