IAHR World Congress

The IAHR World Congress is one of the most important activities of the International Association for Hydro-Environment Engineering and Research (IAHR) which typically attracts between 800 and 1500 participants from around the World. 

Based on four main themes, the congress offers technical programmes, seminars, technical workshops, presentations, plenary sessions and social events alike, and the respected Ippen, Kennedy and Schoemaker Awards  are presented. This congress is the place for the hydraulic engineering community to meet across borders and exchange experiences, seek advice and get inspired.

IAHR 2023 World Congress application are closed. The call and bidding guidelines to host the 2025 World Congress will be announced during 2021. Generally calls need to come or be supported by Institute Members. The call will be published in our ebulletin Newsflash World. If you have any questions please contact Madrid Office Manager Elsa Incio at

Next Congress

39th IAHR World Congress

39th IAHR World Congress
"From Snow To Sea"
19-24 June 2022, Granada, Spain

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Past Congresses

IAHR2019PTY -w800-h200.jpg38th IAHR World Congress
"Water: Connecting the World"
1-6 September 2019, Panama City, Panama
Proceedings (.zip file protected by password, which has been sent to participants via email)

IAHR2017KUL -w800 -h200.jpg37th IAHR World Congress
"Learning from the Past for the Future"
13-18 August 2017, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Proceedings | IAHR Document Library

  • 36th IAHR World Congress "Deltas of the Future (and what happens upstream)"
    28 June - 3 July 2015, The Hague, The Netherlands

  • 35th IAHR World Congress "The Wise Find Pleasure in Water"
    8-13 September 2013, Chengdu, China

  • 34th IAHR World Congress "Balance and Uncertainty - Water in a Changing World"
    26 June - 1 July 2011, Brisbane, Australia

  • 33rd IAHR World Congress "Water Engineering for a Sustainable Environment"
    9-14 August 2009, Vancouver, Canada

  • 32nd IAHR World Congress "Harmonizing the Demands of Art and Nature in Hydraulics"
    1-6 July 2007, Venice, Italy

  • 31th IAHR World Congress "Water Engineering for the Future-Choices and Challenges"
    11-16 September 2005, Seoul, Korea

  • 30th IAHR World Congress "Water Engineering and Research in a Learning Society: Modern Developments and Traditional Concepts"
    24-29 August 2003, Thessaloniki, Greece

  • 29th IAHR World Congress "21st Century: The New Era For Hydraulic Research"
    16-21 September 2001, Beijing, China

  • 28th IAHR World Congress "Hydraulic Engineering for Sustainable Water Resources Management at the Turn of the Millenium"
    22-27 August 1999, Graz, Austria

  • 27th IAHR World Congress "Water For A Changing Global Community"
    10-15 August 1997, San Francisco, USA

  • 26th IAHR World Congress
    11-15 September 1995, London, UK

  • 25th IAHR World Congress
    30 August - 9 September 1993, Tokyo, Japan

  • 24th IAHR World Congress
    9-13 September 1991, Madrid, Spain

  • 23rd IAHR World Congress
    21-25 August 1989, Ottawa, Canada

  • 22nd IAHR World Congress
    31 August - 4 September 1987, Lausanne, Switzerland

  • 21st IAHR World Congress
    13-18 August 1985, Melbourne, Australia

  • 20th IAHR World Congress
    5-9 September 1983, Moscow, Russia

  • 19th IAHR World Congress
    2-7 February 1981, New Delhi, India

  • 18th IAHR World Congress "Hydraulic Engineering in Water Resources Development and Management"
    10-14 September 1979, Cagliari, Italy

  • 17th IAHR World Congress "Hydraulic Engineering for Improved Water Management"
    15-19 August 1977, Baden, Germany

  • 16th IAHR World Congress
    27 July-1 August 1975, Sao Paulo, Brazil

  • 15th IAHR World Congress "Research And Practice In The Water Environment"
    1973, Istanbul, Turkey

  • 14th IAHR World Congress
    29 August - 3 September 1971, Paris, France

  • 13th IAHR World Congress
    31 August - 5 September 1969, Kyoto, Japan

  • 12th IAHR World Congress
    11-14 September 1967, Fort Collins, Colorado, USA

  • 11th IAHR World Congress
    1965, Leningrad, Russia

  • 10th IAHR World Congress
    1-5 September 1963, London, UK

  • 9th IAHR World Congress
    4-7 September 1961, Dubrovnik, Yugoslavia

  • 8th IAHR World Congress
    2-5 September 1959 Montreal Canada

  • 7th IAHR World Congress
    June 1957, Lisbon, Portugal

  • 6th IAHR World Congress
    July 1955, The Hague, The Netherlands

  • 5th IAHR World Congress
    1-4 September 1953, Minneapolis, USA

  • 4th IAHR World Congress
    2-5 March 1951, Bombay, India

  • 3rd IAHR World Congress
    1949, Grenoble, France

  • 2nd IAHR World Congress
    7-9 June 1948, Stockholm, Sweden

  • Postponed Congress
    1939 Liège, Belgium

  • 1st IAHR World Congress
    4-7 October 1938, Berlin, Germany

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