Regional IAHR Hydro-Environment Heritage and Industry Innovation Awards

Founding Statement

The IAHR Regional Hydro-Environment Heritage Award and IAHR Regional Industry Award are conferred by IAHR during one or more of the IAHR Regional Congresses on a local infrastructure of lasting and international importance. They have the purpose of giving international professional recognition to the work of local hydro-environment engineers, and should demonstrably have stood the test of time (and be at least one hundred years old) and be accepted and valued nationally:

List of previous winners

Asia Pacific Division

2020 Asia Pacific Regional Division Heritage Award

  • Sayamaike Reservoir. This facility has been developed in the ancient period for providing an irrigation water to the Osaka Plain using channel network and reservoir cascade system and been reinforced and heightened repeatedly to increase the reservoir capacity with the expansion of the irrigation area and is still being utilized in the area. Osaka-Sayama City, Japan and Osaka Pref., Japan

  • Tatsumi Aqueduct. This facility has been developed in the early modern period for supplying water as fire protection, drinking water, pouring water into a moat, and water for agriculture using tunnel and inverted siphon technology and is still being utilized in the area. Tatsumi Aqueduct Land Improvement District, Japan, Kanazawa City, Japan and Ishikawa Pref., Japan

  • Flood controls and water utilization facilities in the Ishikari River basin. This facility has been developed in the late modern period for transforming cold region peatlands into rice cultivation areas, leading to the formation of a major economic zone and is still being utilized in the area. Hokkaido Regional Development Bureau, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, Japan and Hokkaido Government, Japan

Europe Division

2016 Europe Regional Division Industry Innovation Award

  • Construction of the 4th lock of Lanaye 

Latin American Division

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