1st IAHR Online Forum

1st IAHR Online Forum

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 IAHR Online Forums

The International Association for Hydro-Environment Engineering and Research (IAHR) is pleased to launch the inaugural IAHR Online Forum, a new series of biennial virtual events aimed at bringing together the community of hydro-environment professionals in the years inbetween the IAHR World Congresses by making the most of digital opportunities. 

The IAHR Online Forums will serve as a bridge to link the continually evolving knowledge and innovations of the Hydro-Environment community and provide an important reference for all those who seek to understand the challenges and trends of hydro-environmental solutions and research for water security. 

 1st IAHR Online Forum
 Hydro-Environmental Challenges, Solutions and Trends for Water Security

The 2021 IAHR Online Forum will focus on the challenges and trends of hydro-environmental solutions and research for water security and will include key plenaries that cover a range of topics essential to water security, technical sessions, young professional’s sessions, and special events.  

The Online Forum caters especially for engineers, experts, researchers and organisations, including young professionals.

The Forum is also a premier reference for all who are interested in quickly understanding the state of play of the global Hydro-Environment community.  Over 25 IAHR Technical Committees and Working Groups have been called upon to make special contributions to highlight the issues and directions in their respective fields.

Key plenaries

Organised around a series of key plenaries, the first IAHR Online Forum will inform the debate and explore opportunities for action by facilitating high-level contributions and the promotion of innovative approaches in different areas including:

  • Artificial Intelligence and Data, Machine Learning in Water.

  • Ecohydraulics and Nature-Based Solutions for Water Security.

  • Gender and Diversity: A Diverse Approach to Hydro-Environment Research.

  • Water and Covid: Impacts and Solutions.

  • IAHR Stream for Practitioners, Regulators and Engineering. The Future of Water Infrastructure: Environment, Construction, Operations and Maintenance. 

  • Youth and Africa.

Technical sessions

IAHR members bring their technical and professional expertise to advance the research and practice of hydro-environment engineering through over 25 different technical committees and working groups

During the Online Forum, you will have the opportunity to discover the unique perspectives of each of these various communities on the major challenges, trends and the latest research and practices in their respective fields.

The key topics covered by the IAHR technical committees and working groups include:

Experimental Methods and Instrumentation, Fluid Mechanics, Fluvial Hydraulics, Hydraulic Machinery and Systems, Hydraulic Structures, Industrial Flows and Energy Exchange, Climate Change Adaptation, Coastal and Maritime Hydraulics, Ecohydraulics, Flood Risk Management, Groundwater Hydraulics and Management, Ice Research and Engineering, Hydroinformatics, Marine Outfall Systems, Urban Drainage, Water Resources Management, Education and Professional Development, Global Water Issues, Higher Education and e-Learning, Drones in Hydraulics, Global Water Security, Hydrometry, Oil Spill Modelling, Reservoir Sedimentation, Sustainable Development Goals , Water Systems Operations, and Transient Flows.

Young professionals’ sessions

New hydro-environment professionals and researchers have the key to the future. Interactive sessions, publications releases, and training webinars at the Forum will ensure the voices of young professionals are heard, their contributions made known to the community and their capacity improved. 

Already planned:

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