IAHR Document Library

IAHR Document Library

The IAHR Document Library is a searchable database of IAHR Congress and Symposium proceedings.

IAHR World Congresses

  • 28th IAHR World Congress - Graz (1999)

  • 29th IAHR World Congress - Beijing (2001)

  • 31st IAHR World Congress - Seoul (2005)

  • 32nd IAHR World Congress - Venice (2007)

  • 36th IAHR World Congress -The Hague (2015)

  • 37th IAHR World Congress -Kuala Lumpur(2017)

  • 38th IAHR World Congress -Panama City(2019)

Regional Division Congresses

Asia and Pacific Division Proceedings

  • 17th IAHR APD Congress- Auckland (2010)

  • 18th IAHR APD Congress-Jeju (2012)

  • 19th IAHR APD Congress- Hanoi (2014)

  • 20th IAHR APD congress- Colombo (2016)

Europe Division Proceedings

  • 1st IAHR Europe Congress- Edinburgh (2010)

  • 2nd IAHR Europe Congress- Munich (2012)

  • 3rd IAHR Europe Congress- Porto (2014)

  • 4th IAHR Europe Congress- Liege (2016)

Middle East& North Africa Division Proceedings

  • 1st Arabian Coast-Dubai (2005)

  • 2nd Arabian Coast-Oman (2010)

Technical Division Congresses

  • 1st Hydrosensoft Conference 2017

  • 2nd Hydrosensoft Conference 2019

  • 5th International Symposium on Ecohydraulics

Other Conferences

  • International Symposium on River Sedimentation

  • Symposium on Flood Defence

  • Spain Water Events

It also contains the back-library of the Hydrolink magazine.

HydroLink is the primary magazine of the IAHR community and brings you the latest news in the world of hydro-environment engineering and research! Hydrolink also provides a platform for reporting on IAHR Conferences, news from our members and offers a forum for exchanging information and spreading the word on topics and news relevant to the community. Hydrolink publishes articles on projects, research, and new methods and tools interest to the hydro-environment engineering community! The articles published in most issues are around a theme. 

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