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Co-organizer, Deputy Permanent Representative of Russia 2021
Discussion and Closing of High-level virtual side event 2021
H.E. Abdulla Shahid, President of 76 session of GA 2021
H.E. Amrit Bahadur Rai, Permanent Representative of Nepal to the UN 2021
H.E. Liu Zhenmin, USG for Economic and Social Affairs 2021
H.E. Peter Szijjarto, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade of Hungary 2021
H.E. Petteri Taalas, SG of WMO 2021
H.E. Shah Mahmoon Qureshi, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Pakistan 2021
H.E. Sirojiddin Muhriddin, Minister of foreign affairs of Tajikistan 2021
Mr. Ghulam Rasul, ICIMOD 2021
Mr. Maarten Hoffman, Associate Programme Management Officer, UNEP 2021
Mr. Sulton Rahimzoda, Chair, International Fund for saving the Aral Sea 2021
Ms. Jennifer Sara, Global Director, Water Global Practice, World Bank 2021
Ms. Shamila Nair-Bedouelle, ADG for the Natural Sciences, UNESCO 2021
Prof. John Pomeroy, Canada Research Chair in Water Resources and Climate Change 2021
Andreas Bass - LSPIV of Wind-Blown Sand Streamers on a Beach 2021
Christoph Sommer - How to measure discharge in flood conditions and how to get the peak information during flood events 2021
Erika Johnson - Inferring flow dynamics from remotely sensed eddies' 2021
Freddie Kalaitzis - Water monitoring with Very High Resolution satellite imagery from the Planet Labs constellation 2021
Hang Trieu - Photogrammetry for free surface flow velocity measurement: from laboratory to field measurements 2021
Hao-Che Ho - Application of CNN Method to Estimate Open Channel Flow Velocity and Discharge 2021
Jiayi Wu - Optical measurement of 3D surface fluctuation in partially filled pipe 2021
Michael-David Johnson - Application of Machine Learning to recover surface parameters from phaseless scattered acoustic data 2021
Pablo Ezequiel Garcia - Assessment of an velocimetry images method as support for the management of a highly polluted basin 2021
PICOs 2021
Ridwan Raquib - Understanding floating plastics transport using surface velocimetry 2021
Robert Thomas - Application of surface PTV to very shallow flows in experimental braided rivers 2021
Frank Annor - Operational Discharge Monitoring with OPenRiverCam in Low Resource Settings 2021
Salvador Pena-Haro - Extracting information from the temporal evolution of the surface velocity distribution 2021
Anette Eltner - River reach mapping with UAVs 2021
James Bomhof - Preliminary Comparison of Image Velocimetry Software and Methods 2021
Jonny Higham - 'FlowOnTheGo'-flow tracking technology on your smartphone 2021
Mark Randall - Australian Guidelines for SV methods 2021
Martin Jolley - Image velocimetry for determining flow in river channels: a review 2021
Michael McDonald - A simple Smartphone based Surface Velocity solution 2021
William Castaings - Operationalization of camera based velocimetry techniques: feedback and challenges 2021
Zongxue Xu - Making space for water in the Greater Bay Area: Lessons from the Zhengzhou flooding/waterlogging disaster 2021
39th IAHR World Congress 2022 Granada Submit your abstract before 1 October 2021
Motuma Regasa - Reservoir Sedimentation and Sustainable Management on Fincha dam, Ethiopia, under Land use and cover changes 2021
Stéphane Caffo, Gilles Yahiaoui, & Raphael Gaillard - NESSIE - The 2021
Wendy Wong - Introduction to Open Access 2021
Ecohydraulics team 2021
Fluvial hydraulics team 2021
Renzo Medina & Kevin R. J. Pantouw & Bich Tran - Hydropower hydropeaking flow into a natural protected river 2021
Water supply 2021
Field Surveys 2021
Hydraulics 2021
Integrated Models 2021
Sediment Transport; Experiments 2021
Sediment Transport; Theory 2021
3rd IAHR Coffee Chat: Picture a Scientist! 2021
39th IAHR World Congress Granada Invitation to participate 2021
Water's Promise: Making Every Drop Count 2021
Flóra Pomázi - Comprehensive testing of suspended sediment analysis techniques to support monitoring activities in the Danube River 2021
Francisco Molteni - Assessing the transport of pollutants by means of imaging methods 2021
Frank Michaux - Particle Imaging Velocimetry and other imaging and illumination techniques 2021
Geir Helge Kiplesund - Laboratory investigations into stability and breaching of rockfill dams 2021
Joris Hardy - Experimental test bench for performance-assessment of large submersible and dry-action pumps used in waterways 2021
Jose Pecly - Automated spectra separation of dye mixtures 2021
Mariann Szilagyi - A lightweight, autonomous, down-looking wave gauge array in shallow lakes 2021
Opening Address - Institute of Geophysics Polish Academy of Sciences 2021
Rubens Campos - Breach geometry studies using depth detection technology 2021
Sara Mizar Formentin - Videography modelling of the wave-structure interaction processes through cluster analysis 2021
Baihetan Hydropower Station on the Jinsha River 2021
Address - Beata Orlecka-Sikora 2021
Address - Jerzy Duszyński 2021
Address - Justyna Glusman 2021
Address - Michał Zasada 2021
Address - Tomasz Okruszko 2021
Augustowski Canal Promotional Video 2021
Award Speech 2021
Award Speech - Mirostaw Karolczuk 2021
Discussion 2021
IAHR Europe Industry Innovation Award Ceremony - Justyna Glusman 2021
IAHR Europe Regional Hydro-Environment Heritage Award Annoucement - Tomasz Okruszko 2021
IAHR Europe Regional Hydro-Environment Heritage Award Ceremony 2021
IAHR Gerhard Jirka Award Annoucement - Pawel M. Rowinski 2021
MDPI / Water Best Oral & Best Poster Presentation Award Annoucement - Michael Nones 2021
Next Host Presentation Annoucement 2021
Opening Session Description - Maciej Kautz 2021
Vistula Boulevards Promotional Video 2021
Vistula River important watercourse not only in Poland - Adam Struzik 2021
Young Scientists Competition & PROM IGF Annoucement - Monika Kalinowska 2021
2nd IAHR coffee chat for young professional women: Work - Life Balance 2021
Concepcion Marcuello Olona - Address 2021
Seleshi Bekele - Address 2021
TIAN Xuebin - Address 2021
Discussion for Keynote Speeches 2021
Q&A Session 2021
Hydropeaking network meeting 2020
ISE2020 Introduction 2020
Climate Change Adaption 2020
Coastal Engineering and Groundwater Hydraulics 2020
Ecohydraulics 2020
Flood Risk Management 2020
Fluid Mechanics 2020
Fluvial Hydraulics 2020
Hydraulic Structures 2020
Hydroinformatics 2020
Sediment Transport, Experimental Methods and Instrumentation 2020
Transient Flows and Hydraulic Machinery 2020
Urban Drainage 2020
Water Resources Management and Global Water Security 2020
85 Years of IAHR History 2020
Member Visions of IAHR Now & Future 2020
Messages for the Young Generation 2020
Respected Members Saying Happy Birthday to IAHR 2020
Q&A for Webinar 2020
Questions and Answers 2020
39th IAHR World Congress Granada Convention Bureau Promotional Video 2020

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