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Comparison Between Time, Spectral and Wavelet Analysis on Wave Breaking and Propagation

Author(s): J. M. P. Conde; R. Lemos; C. J. E. M. Fortes

Linked Author(s): Juana Fortes

Keywords: Time analysis; Fourier analysis; Wavelet analysis; Wave shoaling; Wave breaking

Abstract: The present work focuses on the comparison between three types of data analysis (time analysis; Fourier transform spectral analysis; and wavelet transform spectral analysis) applied to different types of waves (monochromatic, bichromatic and irregular). The main objective is to study experimentally wave shoaling and breaking over a set of different gentle slopes for several incident waves. The data and results from time, Fourier and wavelet analysis presented include: free surface elevation along the flume and the corresponding amplitude spectra; significant wave height, Hs, and significant wave period, Ts, along the flume.


Year: 2014

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