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Practice of Information Construction of Hydrological Archives

Author(s): Qian Yu; Jinyan Yang; Yijing Zhang

Linked Author(s): Qian Yu

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Abstract: Hydrological work has developed rapidly with the advancement of national economy and social technology. China now has comprehensive hydrological projects and reliable hydrological station network involved with water level, rainfall, groundwater, evaporation, and sediment. Through the hydrological station network to collect the changes and movement rules of water in the natural world, the researchers sorted the obtained data parameters into hydrological materials, and compiled all the data materials and rules into hydrological archives. The records in the hydrological archives are the rules obtained from the long-term observation of hydrological conditions. In order to improve the utilization of hydrological archives, the information construction of hydrological archives can help people to avoid floods and disasters, and is conducive to the construction of water conservancy facilities, thereby promoting the development of national economy. This paper explains the importance and function of information construction of hydrological archives, and makes a prospect for water conservancy and other national economic construction departments to achieve better decision-making services, and proposes specific implementation measures.


Year: 2018

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