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Numerical Modeling and Preliminary Analysis on Dispersion of Liquid Effluent for Inland Nuclear Power Plants

Author(s): Haiwen Zhang, Ping Ji, Yijun Zhao, Jue Yuan, Xiaoli Chen, Li Zeng

Linked Author(s): Haiwen Zhang

Keywords: Numerical modeling, dispersion, liquid effluent, inland power plant

Abstract: A numerical modeling and preliminary analysis on dispersion of liquid effluent for the purpose of site selection of inland power plants is presented in this study. A 3D environmental hydraulic modeling by using MIKE 3 Flow model based on a flexible mesh approach has been carried out for simulating the effluent concentration due to the liquid effluent accompanied with cooling water discharge in rectangular channel. A series of scenarios with different ratios of width to water depth (? = B/h) and various ratios of ambient flow discharge to outfall discharge (? = Qa/Qo) have been simulated. Considering the specific limit on the concentration of radioactive liquid effluent (3H) on the cross-section at 1 km downstream from the outfall for inland nuclear power plants in China, the concentration on this specific cross-section has been analyzed on the basis of the modeling results. Approximate estimations of the mean concentration and the maximum depth-averaged concentration on this cross-section have been established, which could be used as a reference for the site selection of inland power plants


Year: 2017

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