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Jet Erosion Test for Soil Erodibility Characterization: Assessment of the Underlying Physics

Author(s): Eddy J. Langendoen, Jorge D. Abad

Linked Author(s): Eddy Langendoen

Keywords: Erosion, cohesive materials, jet erosion test, computer modeling

Abstract: With the increasing social, political and natural pressures being placed on earthen embankments, such as levees and dams, an accurate characterization of the erodibility of fine-grained, cohesive soils is critical. Besides, eroding upland and stream bank soils in agricultural and urban environments are the primary sources of elevated fine-grain sediment concentration in U. S. stream systems. U. S. government agencies are increasingly using jet erosion test devices to measure the typical soil erodibility parameters, namely critical shear stress and soil detachment coefficient, for management and risk assessment of earthen resources. Recent experimental findings showed that the equations used to analyze the jet erosion test measurement can introduce errors up to 300%. However, assumptions made to analyze the experimental results are debatable. This paper summarizes the current state of knowledge on jet erosion tests, identifies gaps in knowledge to be addressed, and introduces the effort of the Agricultural Research Service of the U. S. Department of Agriculture to improve the equations used in the jet erosion test analysis through a numerical assessment.


Year: 2017

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