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Progress of River Restoration Technologies and Practices in China

Author(s): Jinyong Zhao, Zheren Dong, Wenqi Peng, Baoligao Baiyin, Jing Zhang

Linked Author(s): Jinyong Zhao

Keywords: River restoration, ecological influence mechanism, river health assessment, demonstration projects, guidelines

Abstract: Along with the high-speed development of Chinese economy, many problems have occurred including the intensive exploitation of land, water shortage and deterioration of water environment, etc. In addition, there existed the problems of unordered and improper construction of hydraulic and hydroelectric projects. These problems have caused the persistent degradation of river habitat quality, the shrinkage of lake area, as well as the disappearance or degradation of natural wetlands. The progress of river restoration technologies and practices in China is briefly introduced herein in the aspects of national policies, fundamental research, as well as demonstration projects and guidelines. Ecological influence mechanism of water resources and hydropower engineering, plan and method of river restoration, health assessment of rivers, balancing reservoir regulation method of ecological protection as well as quantitative evaluation of ecological conditions of rivers are briefly introduced


Year: 2017

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