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Proceedings of the 38th IAHR World Congress (Panama, 2019)

ID Title Authors Year
3587 Analysis of Reductive Substances Concentration in Surface Water in Different Water Stages-Some Cases from China
Tiantian Jin, Qidong Peng, Junqiang Lin, Junjie Zhang, Test Feng
3843 Identification of Source Information for Sudden Water Pollution Incidents in Rivers Based on Kriging Surrogate
Jucheng Ren Wei Wu
3332 Design and Analysis of Hed Direct Action Type and Boosting Type Lifting Mechanism Base on Ansys
Yehan Geng
3588 Energy Dissipation and Atomization of Flood Discharge of Hydropower Stations on Canyon Rivers
Deliang Shi, Dong Liu, Hui Chen, HOU Dongmei, Zhixin Wang
3844 One-Dimensional Hydrodynamic Simulation of Open-Channel Water Transfer Project Based on Data Assimilation of Hydraulic Parameters
Zhao Zhang, Hao Wang, Hao Wang, Xiaohui Lei, Lingling Wang
3333 Water Security Assessment Based on the Concept of Blue and Green Water Footprints: A Case Study for the Han River Basin on the Korean Peninsula
Kyung Soo Jun
3589 Continuous Monitoring for Floating-Debris Flux in Rivers with Image Analysis Technique
Tomoya Kataoka, Tomoki Fujiyama, Yasuo Nihei
3845 Large-Scale Reservoir Optimal Operation Under Uncertainty
Bojun Liu, Changyong Cui, Baojian Hou, Linwei Wang
3334 Ensuring Sustainable Water Resources Management Through the Development of Monitoring Networks, Data Bases Integration and State-of-the-Art Decision Support Systems
Juan Peralta Malvar, Maria Jose Hernandez Torrejon, Manuel Moron Humaran
3590 Building with Nature: Restoring Mangrove Coast
Tom Wilms, Ivana Prusina, Fokko Van Der Goot, Femke Tonneijck, Bregje Van Wesenbeeck, Bregje Van Wesenbeeck

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