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Proceedings of the 38th IAHR World Congress (Panama, 2019)

ID Title Authors Year
3866 Effects of Seasonal Variation of Vegetation on Hydraulic Residence Time Distributions in a Stormwater Pond
Ian Guymer, Virginia Stovin, Nathan Wilson, Sergio Saul Solis
3355 Laboratory Monitoring of Bedload Transport Rates Using Hydro-Acoustic Techniques (ADCP)
Slaven Conevski, Nils Ruther, Massimo Guerrero, Colin Rennie, Colin Rennie
3611 Spatial Pattern of Plant Communities in Relation to Hydraulic Conditions at Wetland Emerged at Abandoned Paddy Fields.
Yota Imai, Natsuko Shigehara, Shozo Shibata, Yasunori Muto, Mahito Kamada
3867 Transport and Trapping of Woody Debris in a River Meander Protected with Elj Groynes
W. Chuan, Julio M. Kuroiwa, Luis Fernando Castro Inga, L. Vasquez
3356 Non-Intrusive Density Measurements in a Gravity Current over a Porous Bed
Claudia Adduce, Rui M. L. Ferreira
3612 Research on the Dissolve Organic Matter and Microbial Community Diversity of Submerged Macrophyte Decomposition Under Different Temperature
Yimin Zhang
3868 Laboratory Investigation on Bed-Shear Stress Partitioning in Vegetated Flows
Mateo Munar-Martinez, Andrés Vargas-Luna, Andres Torres
3357 Gravity Currents Interacting with a Triangular Barrier: Insights from Non-Intrusive Density Measurements
Claudia Adduce
3613 Steps Toward Redeeming the Physical and Practical Insights of the “Rigid Column” Approach to Transient Analysis
Bryan Karney, Johnathan Nault
3869 Numerical Investigation of Landslide-Tsunami Propagation and Transformation in a Wide Spectrum of Water Body Geometries
Gioele Ruffini, Valentin Heller, Riccardo Briganti

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