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[Online] 22nd Congress of the Asian Pacific Division of IAHR, Sep 14, 2020 - Sep 17, 2020, Sapporo, Japan 

Division's Aims

The main objectives of the Division shall be:

  • to promote the science of hydraulics and its application in all relevant fields in the geographic regions;

  • to promote professional competence of individuals in the regions engaged in the development and application of the sciences to the hydrosphere; 

  • to contribute to the solution of regional problems in the field of hydraulics;

  • to provide a forum of exchange of information among researchers and practitioners in the regional community.

The Division's activities mainly include: 

  • organizational development of the Division's areas of endeavour;

  • conduct of regional congresses and conferences;

  • publication of monographs, proceedings of congresses, papers in the Journal of Hydraulic Research;

  • cooperation and co-ordination with other divisions and sections; 

  • provision of a regional clearing house for information related to all aspects of hydraulics and their practical application.


IAHR Hydro-Environment Asia and Pacific Division Heritage Award

The IAHR Regional Hydro-Environment Heritage Award is conferred by IAHR during one or more of the Asia and Pacific Division Congresses on a local infrastructure of lasting and international importance. It has the purpose of giving international professional recognition to the work of local hydro-environment engineers, and should demonstrably have stood the test of time (and be at least one hundred years old) and be accepted and valued nationally.

  • 2016: The first ever Water Heritage Award was awarded to“Parakrama Samudraya” a reservoir aimed at irrigation and constructed in the 11th century. It has a surface area of 22,600,000 m2 and a catchment area of 75,000,000 m2          

Distinguished IAHR-APD Membership Award

  • 2018: Prof. Jing Peng (China)

  • 2016: Prof. Hitoshi Tanaka (Japan)

  • 2014: Prof. Il Won Seo (Korea) 

  • 2012: Prof. Vallam Sundar (India), Prof. Lianxiang Wang (China)

  • 2010: Prof. Joseph Lee (Hong Kong, China), Prof. Ashim Das Gupta (Thailand)

APD Best Paper Award

  • 2018: “Dominating Factors Influencing Rapid Channel Migration during Floods – A Case Study on Otofuke River” by Tomoko Kyuka and Yasuyuki Shimizu, 21st IAHR- APD Congress, Yogyakarto, Indonesia

  • 2018:“Effect of the Combination of Forest and the Front-Side Moat along a River Where a Tsunami Runs Up” by Yoshiya Igarashi and Norio Tanaka , 21st IAHR- APD Congress, Yogyakarto, Indonesia

  • 2018: “Effect of Climate Change Variables on the Coastal Wind Prediction” by Syamsidik, 21st IAHR- APD Congress, Yogyakarto, Indonesia

  • 2012: “Analysis of dispersion characteristic using tracer test in natural stream” by Il Won Seo, 18th IAHR- APD Congress, Jeju, Korea

  • 2010: “The structure of flows in suspended aquaculture canopies” by David Plew, 17th IAHR-APD Congress, Auckland, New Zealand

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