Committee on Climate Change Adaptation

Aims and Scope

The IAHR Technical Committee on Climate Change Adaptation (CCA) aims at coordinating initiatives in IAHR dealing with the study of the impact of climate change on the the hydro-environment and monitoring adaptation measures being taken in the water engineering sector, both of the structural and non structural type.

It works in collaboration with other interested Technical Committees of IAHR especially with the Water Resources Management Committee .

Latest Activities & Document Library

  • Presentation "Climate Change - Adaptation and Resilience to Minimize Destabilizing Influences" by Roberto Ranzi at the Global Forum on September 2, 2019 during the 38th IAHR World Congress in Panama City, Panama

  • Contribution to a book chapter in the book "Sustainable Water Resources Planning and Management Under Climate Change". The editors of the book are members of the Water Resources Committee and the Working Group on Climate Change

  • Submission of an overview paper about Climate Change and Water Engineering to International Journal of River Basin Management (under revision) JRBM

  • Special session at the Hydroinformatics Conference in Palermo, 1-6 June 2018. S16. Time series analysis for climate change detection. Covener: Roberto Ranzi

  • Working Group Meeting during the  Hydroinformatics Conference in Palermo, 1-6 June 2018

  • Meeting at the 36th IAHR World Congress, The Hague, The Netherlands, 2015

  • Article: "The contribution of IAHR's communities of water management and Climate Change Towards the SDG's" published in Hydrolink 3 2017 Special Issue on SDGs

  • Minutes Meeting September 2014, Vietnam

  • WGCC document short summary of recommendations for policymakers

  • Article: "Summary of recommendations for policymakers on adaptation to climate change in Water Engineering" published in Hydrolink 3 2015

Leadership Team
Roberto Ranzi

University of Brescia


Abdalla Abdelsalam Ahmed

UNESCO Chair in Water Resources


Yangwen Jia

Institute of Water Resources and Hydropower Research (IWHR)


Kenichiro Kobayashi

Kobe University, Research Center for Urban Safety and Security (RCUSS)


Iñigo J. Losada Rodríguez

Fundación Instituto de Hidráulica Ambiental


Guinevere Nalder

New Zealand

Van-Thanh-Van Nguyen

McGill University


Talita Silva

Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais


Ramesh Teegavarapu

Florida Atlantic University

United States of America

Bregje Van Wesenbeeck



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