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Numerical simulation of air entrainment in uniform chute flow 2021
An experimental investigation on fish guidance structures with horizontal bars 2020
Hydraulic performance of fish guidance structures with curved bars – Part 1: head loss assessment 2020
Hydraulic performance of fish guidance structures with curved bars – Part 2: flow fields 2020
Installation of Alternative Gravel Banks in Channelized River 2020
Laboratory study on wood accumulation probability at bridge piers 2020
Influence of Block Arrangement on Stability of Man-Made Step-Pool Sequences in Steep Mountain Streams 2019
Which Phase-Detection Intrusive Probe to Use in High-Velocity Air-Water Flows? 2019
An experimental investigation on louvres and angled bar racks 2018
Multi-Phase Flows at Hydraulic Structures: Water-Sediment, Air-Water and Water-Structure-Fish Interaction 2018
Numerical embankment breach modelling including seepage flow effects 2017
Backwater Rise Due to Driftwood Accumulations 2015
Breaching of Small Embankment Dams: Tool for Cost-Effective Determination of Peak Breach Outflow 2015
Flow Fields Around Fish Guidance Structures 2015
On the Role of Modelling Approach for Simulation of Bank Erosion in Straight, Trapezoidal Channel 2015
Spillway Jet: Historical Advance from Weir Toward Standard Spillway 2015
The Role of Bank Erosion in Restoration Works in Gravel-Bed Rivers 2015
Experimental study on the flow characteristics of unstructured block ramps 2014
Hydraulic structures: a positive outlook into the future 2014
Trajectories and air flow features of ski jump-generated jets 2014
Aerated flow characteristics of skimming flow over stepped chutes 2013
Effect of Flow Rate on Appearance and Acoustics of Waterfalls 2013

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