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Proceedings of the 38th IAHR World Congress (Panama, 2019)

ID Title Authors Year
3856 Case Study on Extreme Flood Forecasting Based on Precipitation Ensemble Forecast Products in Qingjiang Basin of the Yangtse River
Tao Peng, Haixia Qi, Junchao Wang
3345 Numerical Simulations of Brine Dispersion Associated with the Discharge of the Proposed Stage 2 of the Perth Seawater Desalination Plant
Daniel A. Botelho, Bree Atkinson
3601 Prediction and Control of Thermoelectric Powerplant River Heating
Hector Bravo
3857 The Special Scaling Effect of Quantitative Precipitation Forecast on Flood Forecasting
Chunguang Cui, Zhiyuan Yin, Tao Eng
3346 Proposal of Methodology for Optimized Diffuser Design
Marco Antonio Corrêa, Eduardo Yassuda
3602 Holly’s Last Hydraulics Project
Robert Ettema, Don K. Haycraft, Simon Tonkin
3858 Catching the Vegetation Dynamics at the Reach Scale Using Satellite Imagery
Michael Nones, Massimo Guerrero
3347 Recreational Water Quality of Mar Del Plata Beaches After Outfall System
Marcelo Omar Scagliola, Ana Paula Comino
3603 Seedbank Formation and Initial Recruitment of Riparian Vegetation onto Bare Bar in Sand Bed River
Yuji Toda, Yuexia Zhou, Eijiro Kubo
3859 In Search of Friction Laws for Vegetated Flow Within 2D Large-Scale Applications
Frederik Folke

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